Positive Dog Training in Sebastapol, Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, and surrounding areas

Canny Dog

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training for Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, and Surrounding Areas


Canny Dog uses positive reinforcement dog training based on solid science and a love of dogs. We use modern clicker training techniques to humanely and effectively help you and your pet. 

Serving Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, Healdsburg & surrounding areas





Puppy Training

Set your puppy up for success right from the start. Learn new skills and prevent behavior problems before they develop. It is never too early to start your new family member's education. 

Dog Training

Learn the basic skills every dog needs to be a well-behaved member of the family. Strengthen the relationship between you and your dog and increase the joy of being a dog owner. 

Puppy Out And About

Socialization outings to help set your puppy up to be a well adjusted adult. Have a new puppy but no time to do that vital socialization that research has shown helps prevent future behavior problems? No problem! I can do it for you!  



Dog Training

Canny Dog is owned and operated by dog trainer Imogen Poropat. An East Bay native, Imogen has had a lifelong passion for animals, and a scientist's calling to seek fact and practical results. She holds a Master's of Science in Applied Animal Behavior and Welfare from Newcastle University, and is a Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner.  


How We Help

Clients receive personalized dog training tailored to their individual family and dog. We can help...

  • Ensure that your puppy becomes the best dog they can be
  • Teach you and your dog to learn new skills together while having fun
  • Enjoy the outdoors with your dog stress free
cattle dog herding dog basic obedience training in sebastapol
Imogen recently worked with my ACD, Blue Heeler, puppy, Bella. Bella is smart & energetic & I needed help with Bella’s public behavior and her ability to focus on commands. I was very happy with the results of Bella’s training experience with Imogen. I would recommend Imogen to anyone needing help training their beloved canine companion.
— Sharon Wolff & Bella, Sonoma County
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