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Dog Manners

Is your dog jumping on people? Ask them to sit instead! Is your dog pacing restlessly around the house looking for trouble? Teach them to relax on their mat with a good chew toy! Can't take a leisurely walk without having your arm pulled off? Your dog can learn that a loose leash is lots of fun! Some solution-oriented behaviors dogs will learn are:

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Relax on a mat

  • Walk nicely on leash

  • Recall (come when called)

If there are specific behaviors you would like your dog to learn, such as waiting at the door, some cute tricks, or specific problems you would like to have solved, contact us now to schedule a free phone consultation to discuss your individual needs.

Puppy Manners

Start your puppy right! The easiest cure for a problem is prevention. Learn how to create a polite, well adjusted dog by giving your puppy the skills they need to succeed. Canny Dog will create an individualized training and socialization program for your puppy to make sure they become the best dog they can be. Some essentials that are included are:

  • Crate training

  • Potty training

  • Management strategies for behavior problem prevention

  • Appropriate socialization

  • Walk nicely on leash

  • Bite inhibition

If there are specific behaviors you would like your puppy to learn, or specific problems you would like to have solved, contact us now to schedule a free phone consultation to discuss your individual needs.

Puppy Out And About

Have a brand new puppy but no time to do all that vital socialization that is so important? I can help out! I will pick up your puppy for a socialization trip where they will be exposed in an appropriate and positive way to many things, including…

  • Car rids

  • Seeing other dogs

  • Seeing/hearing children

  • Crowds

  • Strange sights and sounds such as construction/traffic/balloons/etc.

  • Livestock

I will never force you puppy to interact with anything. Your puppy ALWAYS has a choice whether to interact with the environment, and I focus on building confidence by rewarding for making brave choices. This kind of socialization is ESSENTIAL while you puppy is in their most important socialization phase, which ends at around 12 to 16 weeks, so don’t delay! These outings are still valuable for older puppies, but will have the most benefit to puppies under 16 weeks. Because the primary socialization phase is so short I highly recommend at least two sessions a week. The three week day training package works best with Puppy Out And About.

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$150 Initial Consultation Session

$110 Single Follow-Up Session


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6 Private Lessons Package- $100/session

  • $10 off/session

  • $600 Total

10 Private Lessons Package- $90/session

  • $20 off/session

  • $900 Total

Day Training Three Week Package- $90/session

  • $20 off/session

  • $900 Total

Don’t have the time to do all the heavy lifting? Let me help you out by doing some of it for you!

  • I will come to your house twice a week and work with your dog one on one.

  • All of these Skills will be transferred to you with once a week private lessons plus a final followup lesson two weeks after completion of training

  • Once your dog has gained some basic ability I will take them on little field trips so ensure that the skills they learn are stable in many environments.

  • This is the best option for puppies, especially puppies under 16 weeks, and can be parred with Puppy Out and About

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